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Date Address Amount
2020.10.19 19:48:14 DDQNXYYFzY1wLXLRHXXXX 500.00000000Đ
2020.10.19 04:44:08 DLCWn8KmBNYb4Zg6EXXXX 1000.00000000Đ
2020.10.18 03:29:04 D5B75CQhLjMLqddk1XXXX 10000.00000000Đ
2020.10.18 00:18:08 DSojnctxt998eH3s6XXXX 1000.00000000Đ
2020.10.17 23:19:05 DSojnctxt998eH3s6XXXX 1000.00000000Đ
2020.10.17 10:59:06 D5B75CQhLjMLqddk1XXXX 1000.00000000Đ
2020.10.16 17:39:17 DNT3CVdNcPM3KA6PwXXXX 500.00000000Đ
2020.10.15 14:23:07 DKhSBPNegy7sbXmGAXXXX 500.00000000Đ
2020.10.15 11:52:11 DBZc5otAL6GaYKXZ1XXXX 1000.00000000Đ
2020.10.15 05:46:15 DCMJxkGeBYAXe7dcbXXXX 1000.00000000Đ

Last Widthraw

Date Address Amount
2020.10.19 15:17:07 DNT3CVdNcPM3KA6PwXXXX 59.07528305Đ
2020.10.19 15:14:23 D7kL8Lny8DsRd6pS6XXXX 49.00000000Đ
2020.10.19 15:09:09 DKDtuYhzr7YXHaXZyXXXX 106.00000000Đ
2020.10.19 15:01:02 DKhSBPNegy7sbXmGAXXXX 100.77500153Đ
2020.10.19 14:49:19 D5iW2mjStNed286dbXXXX 208.26556396Đ
2020.10.19 14:48:03 DSfXKvrCUBBS1bzexXXXX 148.00000000Đ
2020.10.19 14:47:41 DRaWgSHHkKohkhZwgXXXX 134.03999329Đ
2020.10.19 14:44:44 DPAF637TYr4X72NAXXXXX 62.00000000Đ
2020.10.19 14:41:05 DQ8CwsNnyMicbsKFNXXXX 278.00000000Đ
2020.10.19 14:37:53 DQAybhXADaj5XyqerXXXX 184.58148193Đ



Our team is focused on Dogecoin projects which is more perspective value for future crypto investment.
Not at all, we have special possibility to work with our referral program by inviting your friends using your personal link or even using our promo material to share it on social network for earn money by involving new partners to our project. Also you can earn by participate in our contests and special promo which we will do on monthly basis, don’t miss your chance. And as a welcome bonus you will receive first shared character – ABSOLUTELY FREE after a registration on our project.
Sure, FASTMINING team propose you competitive referral system in which you will earn 10% of characters cost that will be bought by your referral using your private link. This funds will be available for reinvestment and withdrawal from your account. You are not permitted to create fake (referral) accounts using your referral link. This will cause us to block both accounts - parent and fake with no deposit return.
After registering and logging in to your account, click the "Deposit" button. After that, a window will open. Enter your deposit amount and click accept button and then system the generated single use crypto address to which you can send coins. After 6 network confirmations, the coins will be credited to your account balance.
We have no limits for withdrawal. But due to limitation of our payment gateway and limit from counterparties we decide to set technical limit on level of 20 DOGE per transaction.
We have no minimum for input. But our Dogecoin gateway accept input transaction only which are great that 500 DOGE.
Yes, it is possible that you can have multiple wallets logged in, but they should not be registered using your referral link from another wallet of yours. In case of service violation, your wallet will be disabled and you will not eligible for a refund.